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Natural Smoke Flavors:

Improving Flavor and Aroma

Smoke flavors have been used in cooking for centuries to give dishes a unique flavor and aroma. With natural smoke flavors, unique flavor scenarios and impressive aromas can be achieved, giving dishes a unique charm. There are several main applications for smoke flavors in addition to Pure Smoking:

Direct Addition to Recipes

Natural smoke flavors can be directly added to a product’s formulation to add depth and versatility to the flavor. This method is often used in smoked meats, cheeses, sauces, snacks, and meat injections. To achieve the best effect, it is important to choose the most effective product depending on your needs

  1. Imparting flavor
  2. Adding color
  3. Creating a crust
  4. Dipping / Smothering

Another way to use natural smoke flavors is to dip or smother the product. For example, meat can be dipped in a special solution with smoke flavor before drying. This method allows the smoke flavor to cover the outside of the product and recreate the smoking or grilling process, giving it a rich flavor and aroma.

Retail Products as Marinades

Smoke flavors can also be used in restaurant kitchens and at home, giving the finished dishes the aroma of a wood-fired oven or campfire. The following products can be used:

  1. as marinades, together with spices during marinating
  2. reproduction of the process of “cold smoking”, for meat, cheeses, fish
  3. smoked oil, to add grilled flavor during frying
  4. to give the product a golden crust when baking.

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