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Clean Smoke – Clean smoking, high quality and environmental benefits.

What is Clean Smoke?
Clean Smoke is a reliable alternative to conventional smoking in all respects. The smoke condensates used for Clean Smoking technology undergo a multi-stage purification process before coming into contact with the product and therefore do not contain any harmful components (tar, surfactants*). In this innovative smoking process, all parameters such as time, temperature, humidity, air circulation rate are similar to those of the conventional process. Therefore, Clean Smoke technology preserves such important characteristics as color, taste, aroma and shelf life.

How is Clean Smoke produced?

No trees need to be cut down for Clean Smoke: ordinary sawdust from wood processing plants is used. At Red Arrow’s factory in the United States of America, the sawdust is first dried. Then we get smoke from the smoldering sawdust under controlled pyrolysis conditions. This smoke is precipitated with ordinary drinking water, which initially contains all the components of the smoke, and after separation and filtration, we get a purified water-based smoke condensate.
At the purification stage, such harmful components as ash and tar containing surfactants* are removed from the smoke by 99%.

*Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are cancer-causing agents.

How is the clean smoke.

For Clean Smoke technology, in addition to Clean Smoke, specialized equipment is used – the TARBER Atomizer. The technology of smoke atomization allows using compressed air to form a Smoke Cloud that fills the chamber with products.
The TARBER atomizer completely replaces conventional smoke generators and is used for smoking any product.

Why choose Clean Smoke?
The Clean Smoke technology is recognized as the best existing technology for smoke treatment of food.
In November 2019, the European Commission implemented Directive 2019/2031 on the use of the best available technologies (BAT) in the food industry. On November 12, 2019, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved Clean Smoke technology as the safest smoking method available.

Clean Smoke technology is a solution that will allow to produce high-quality, healthy products, while preserving the health of workers and the environment of Ukraine.

The exclusive representative in Ukraine is “PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL LLC


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