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Welcome to the Products page of our company

Although our products are made from high quality raw materials and in compliance with all safety standards, the main thing is different. As a company, we do not offer a single flavor or functional mixture, we offer a solution to your specific problem. After all, the modern process of making meat and sausage products requires knowledge and experience.

The use of various ingredients and their combination can significantly improve a product or create a new one.

Our technologists will pay attention to the specific goals you set for us and offer you the best solution (from our product range).

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Sign up for updates and get free shipping.

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A group of functional mixtures to create the right product texture. The many years of experience of our chief technologist combined with modern production technologies and Stabilol TM will allow you to create new or improve your existing products.

A group of flavor mixtures designed to give sausage products both classic flavors and completely new ones. High-quality composition of the mixture and natural spices of TM "Priomix" in combination with the technological support of our technologist will provide your products with excellent taste and aroma.

Natural Smoke Flavors "Red Arrow"® - Smoke flavors produced from natural raw materials are widely used in the meat industry, as well as in cheese and fish production. They give a pleasant smoked flavor and aroma to the products. Our smokes can both ensure full smoking of your products and complete the smoke profile. Priority International LLC is the exclusive representative of the largest manufacturer of smoke flavors "Red Arrow"® in Ukraine.

Компанія ТОВ «Пріоріті Інтеренешенл» » - є ексклюзивним представником найбільшого виробника ароматів диму «Red Arrow»®. в Україні.