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Chicken sausages for frying with coffee and cheese

10.04.2024 admin Comments Off

Dear readers, in this article we would like to share with you an interesting development of a new recipe for chicken sausages.

Coffee and cheese is one of the most famous combinations of food pairing that allows you to achieve a synergy of taste, this is exactly the idea we set out to implement for chicken sausages that will be able to surprise your customers or restaurant guests:

Basic raw materials:

Poultry fillet (diameter 10-12 mm) – 25 kg
Semi-fat pork (70 by 30, 5 mm) – 25 kg
Spy (4 by 4) – 20 kg
Red poultry meat with skin (8 mm) – 10 kg
High-quality cheese or imitation cheese – 10 kg
Emulsion of pork skin – 10 kg
Water/ice – 8 kg

Total: 108 kg

Main spices and additives:

Priomix European – 1000g: Combi mix with a balanced taste of black pepper, nutmeg and ginger
Priomix Chicken – 100g: classic aroma of cooked chicken that will emphasize the taste
Stabicol Fiber 3 – 800g: a mixture of bamboo and citrus fiber that acts as a natural emulsifier and prevents the minced meat from leaking when reheated
Stabikol KM 455 – 400g: a functional mixture with the effect of heat resistance based on beef protein and enzymes, which when reheated gives the product a complete structure and ensures the preservation of the structure when bitten
Priomix Fresh – 120g: a preservative, antioxidant and freshener that helps extend the shelf life and stabilizes the color.

Total: 2420 g

Other ingredients and additives:

Nitrite salt – 1600g: color fixer
Sugar – 250g:
Apro red – 180g: dye
Jacobs Malkicano instant coffee – 1000 ml: 8 teaspoons. After brewing, cool to 4°C

Using our recipe, you can get a high-quality and tasty product that will surprise your customers with a new taste.

For detailed information and recommendations on the manufacturing process, contact us (link), and our experienced technologists will help you find a solution to your problems.