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Clean smoking of cheese with liquid smoke

10.04.2024 admin Comments Off

Dear readers, today we would like to share with you a method of using our natural smoke flavor for “cold” smoking cheese.

The benefits you will receive thanks to the use of our technology:

Expanding the assortment: which will increase the number of buyers and their interest in your brand
New taste: by making the cheese smoked, consumers will be surprised by the new combinations that are now available to them
Attractive color: The golden surface of the cheese will stand out among other types.
Safety: The use of smoke naturally extends the shelf life of products
Ease of implementation: as a minimum of equipment is required and the smoking process is more controlled.

The easiest way to smoke cheese using pure smoking technology is immersion. You will need:

Ready cheese
Natural smoke flavor solution (Our company supplies both concentrated smoke and ready-made solution for restaurants and craft producers)
Cheese drying rack

Easy and clear process:

Let’s consider the option in which the company already has a ready-made solution of natural smoke aroma: